Optimised efficiency, plus substantial and trackable savings across the 5-year warranty period of a UPS have resulted in annual savings of £100k+

Service Contracts Manager

UK and Ireland Hospital Proactive Monitoring

With its long tradition of developing first of-its-kind products that have transformed the practice of diagnosing disease, X Diagnostics is a global leader of cutting edge services which it tailors to provide bespoke haematological labs for NHS Trusts across the UK.

From a single stand-alone system up to a fully-automated central Core laboratory, X builds, supports and maintains a complex variety of haematology labs in many UK hospitals.

X is not a technology company it’s an innovative laboratory provider working at the cutting-edge of disease diagnosis. In common with most businesses X relies significantly on the support that technology offers. A small, but critical element of X’s success depends on the relationships it builds with third-party suppliers, some of whom are engaged to provide the day-today technology that keeps critical and valuable diagnostic equipment operational, regardless of the condition and integrity of the surrounding environment. The burden of trust and reliability is therefore high when pitching to and building a successful business case for its customers.

Business technology?intelligently applied

Invicta:IT, one of the UK’s foremost?providers of leading-edge IT products and?services, was approached to support X in?this area, with the aim of providing a service?that would release engineers and allow X to?put all its efforts into its core skill, building?cutting-edge laboratories.

Invicta:IT’s solution has introduced a?premium service to replace an erratic and?unpredictable means of supply and support.?Working with a global technology vendor to?supply pre-modified uninterruptible power?supply (UPS) units, and wrapping it with a?dedicated Next Business Day (NBD) order?and replacement service, Invicta:IT has?reduced X’s operational costs.

?Total cost efficiencies

Now, all costs associated with acquisition,?delivery, warranty, support, replacement?and disposal, are part of one total cost?solution. Optimised efficiency, plus?substantial and trackable savings across the?5-year warranty period of a UPS have?resulted in annual savings of £100K +.

Invicta: IT has succeeded in eliminating the?need for X engineers to support equipment?for which they haven’t been trained,?resulting in an increase in engineer?utilisation on X-related business.

End-to-end savings

  • a superior service
  • low risk of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) failure
  • increased X Contract performance
  • predictable delivery
  • utilised engineering skills
  • simple warranties
  • reduced lead times
  • high quality equipment
  • lower costs

and each one of these benefits come as part of the cost of a standard UPS unit, throughout its 5-year warranty.

The end result is that customers are now more likely to demonstrate their satisfaction with the service that X provides, and show their confidence in X’s ability to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLA) of 3rd party technology providers, by renewing their contract with X.